20th January 2018

The Barn Owl showed again at CF during the late afternoon, while three Little Owls and a Tawny Owl were in voice. A Collared Dove, a Rook, a Mistle Thrush, three Fieldfares, 35 Redwings, two Kestrels, three Treecreepers and two Buzzards were also noted in the sector. In BW, a redpoll flew over the Estate and six Bullfinches were in the Harholt Plantation. Other sightings in the sector included singles of Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Buzzard.

Paul Goodman and Ian Ward

17th January 2018

A Woodcock flew over Green Belt Field in the gloom and other sightings in the CF sector included a Tawny Owl, a Little Owl, 14 Redwings and a Mistle Thrush. In BW were two Mallards on Piddly Pond, six Bullfinches in the Harholt Plantation and fly-overs from a Grey Heron and four Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

Ian Ward

14th January 2018

In the evening, a Barn Owl was calling by Tart's Field and two Little Owls were also vocal. The two Red-legged Partridges were again in Infront George East and counts across the CF sector included 14 Meadow Pipits, 30 Fieldfares, six Redwings, 80 Linnets, two Mistle Thrushes, two Buzzards and a Kestrel. An early sign of spring was six drumming Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

Paul Goodman and Ian Ward

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13th January 2018

Two Woodcocks were flushed in the Banstead Wood Estate, where three redpolls flew over. 13 Meadow Pipits were in Hither Field and other sightings in the BW sector included two Rooks, two Common Gulls and a Buzzard.

Ian Ward

12th January 2018

A male Reed Bunting was found with 15 Yellowhammers near Reads Rest Cottages (GB). Common birds in the BW sector included 30 Redwings, seven Nuthatches, six Great Spotted Woodpeckers and three Bullfinches.

Geoff Barter and Paul Goodman

8th January 2018

CF hosted two Meadow Pipits, four Rooks, 30 Fieldfares, 80 Redwings, 18 Skylarks, 55 Linnets, a Mistle Thrush and two Kestrels.

David Campbell

7th January 2018

Sightings at CF included two Rooks, 54 Stock Doves (the highest number for while), 150 Redwings, 42 Fieldfares, 20 Linnets, a Mistle Thrush, three Common Gulls, two Kestrels, a Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk.

Ian Ward

6th January 2018

A Red Kite, a Kestrel, a Buzzard, three Redwings and two Yellowhammers were at CF.

Simond Hammond

5th January 2018

A session at the farm revealed one of the Red-legged Partridges in Broadfield, as well as 30 Skylarks, 40 Redwings, six Fieldfares and a Kestrel.

Paul Goodman

4th January 2018

A Kestrel was among the birds seen in the BW sector.

Duncan Jennings

3rd January 2018

Mid-morning the male Merlin was seen again as it hunted along the hedgerows near Canons Farmhouse.

Geoff Barter